About Sauna & Sea

From our sauna construction to the wood we burn and its ashy byproduct to our merchandise, we have maintained our ethos of sustainability.

We teamed up with Skotlanti.co.uk for the construction of our sauna. Skotlanti is a family business based in Scotland, dedicated to building high-quality handcrafted saunas all over the UK. Maria and her team are experts in their field and have helped massively in bringing the Sauna & Sea dream to life.

The wood we have used in our sauna construction and heating our stove is from FSC-certified forests. When you buy wood from an FSC-certified forest, you can be assured that it has been harvested in a responsible and sustainable way. This means that the forest will be nurtured for generations to come, while also protecting the environment and the people who depend on the forest for their livelihoods. Overall, choosing wood from FSC-certified forests is an important step toward promoting sustainable forestry practices and protecting our planet’s forests.

Heating our sauna is the HIVE Heat wood burning stove. This is the only stove of its kind that meets the strictest German environmental standard BimSchV II, so you can trust that it is high-quality and sustainable. The ash produced from the stove is then used as compost at national trust sites to grow plants, completing the cycle.

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Sauna has been a way of life in Northern Europe since the dawn of time but did you know that it was a popular activity in Ireland as far back as the 17th Century due to its healing properties?

Why not come down to Portstewart Strand and experience this ancient ritual in a beautiful natural setting.

Our sauna can be booked for 30, 60 or 90 minute experiences. We offer a couples discount on 90 minute experiences.

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